GIA – an uncut diamond in the industrial real estate world

A recent $9.8 million sale of a 2.38 ha block of land with workshop, offices and 12,000 sqm of hardstand (not concreted but hardstand suitable for heavy machinery or truck parking) in the Mackay Industrial area of Paget certainly highlights the difference between sales of developed industrial land in Mackay versus Rockhampton and in particular the Gracemere Industrial Area (GIA).

It is only around 350 km from the GIA, but the difference in value is in the millions – not hundreds of thousands – but millions

What are the reasons for such a disparity between Paget and Rockhampton and the GIA? 

It certainly isn’t the size of the block – there are a number of vacant blocks in the GIA at that size and larger.

Could it be that the sale at $9.8 million is already tenanted? – most definitely. Big investors expect a return on their investment . Everybody in business knows you need a return on your money. If you are looking for longer term capital gain, the GIA is the place you should consider.

The next question it raises, is there anything for sale in the GIA, already developed and tenanted that could sell to a southern investor?

This raises another question, how many developed good-sized depots / workshops on large blocks are there to lease in the GIA? There aren’t too many opportunities for someone arriving in town needing to establish their business quickly.

The GIA is full of golden opportunities for the astute investor but one needs to think bigger than the vacant block or the block with the house on it. There are great opportunities for people who are prepared to invest time and present a professional looking industrial workshop/warehouse / depot.

Buyers will pay good money for developed and tenanted land in an industrial area and a great advantage for the GIA is road train access right into the GIA.  There is no road train access to Paget or even outer Mackay.

What we need to take from this is that the GIA offers great opportunities, giving far better value for money than Mackay. Businesses considering locating in Central Queensland should not overlook the GIA. It obviously offers greater value per square metre than elsewhere, all sized blocks of land are available and the Rockhampton Regional Council is offering 50% discount on infrastructure charges for developments in the GIA.

Read the article and judge for yourself. This is achievable here if we continue to work at it.  Let’s hope one day an article is being written about a sale in the GIA that measures up to this.


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