Gracemere Industry Park names Enterprise Drive

Gracemere Enterprise Drive

It is official  ‘Enterprise Drive’  is the name chosen by the Gibb Group for the main access road within their ‘Gracemere Industry Park’  just off the overpass as you enter the GIA.

Stage 1 of Enterprise Drive at 514 metres,  will be opened for traffic use in mid May and is a credit to the local Sub-Contractors Schwarz Excavations who undertook the subdivision development for principal contractor JM Kelly.

Specifically designed  to allow easy entry and exit for road trains, Enterprise Drive’s first occupants will be the new Toll NQX facility which is nearing completion fronting 245 Somerset Road.

Once landscaping has been completed  and  Enterprise Drive is open,  it is hoped there will be a quick uptake on land by companies needing fully-serviced high impact or medium impact zoned land.

Obviously those requiring  road train access or access for heavy equipment or the servicing thereof,  would be well advised to look at this new industry park.   Exciting times ahead for the GIA.


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