Amazing Volume of Business in the eastern end of the GIA

A recent survey showed the gross turnover of businesses established in the GIA was in excess of $385 million  for the financial year ending 30 June 2012.  Employee numbers had increased 52% since the last survey carried out in March of 2012.

If the Major Amendment to the Fitzroy Shire Plan is adopted, the Rockhampton region could look forward to this figure increasing hugely and giving the Rockhampton and Gracemere economy a great deal of confidence and prosperity for now and the future.  The eastern end of the industrial area is going to play an important role in supporting development at the area on both sides of the overpass by being able to offer facilities for fuelling the trucks working on the development, providing transport trucks, and associated servicing industries.

The types of businesses who should be looking at  the potential of opening up in the GIA are industries which support the transport businesses already established in the eastern end who need tyres, oils, truck parts, steel supplies, roofing iron and building supplies etc.


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