Council releases fact sheet regarding GIA

The Rockhampton Regional Council have put out a Fact Sheet to answer the many and varied questions that those already established in the GIA , and those wanting to locate in the area particularly in the eastern end of the Industrial estate which is serviced and up and running, may find useful in their quest to sort out what they need to do to move forward.

Reading this will hopefully give some answers to any potential businesses and those who need to know more about what they can do and what zoning they need. Of course, visits to Town Planners and consultants is of greater importance when actually deciding to move with a land purchase in the area.

Some detail in this is particularly relevant considering the bulk of the now Business and Industry Precinct B was, up until 2005, zoned Medium Industrialunder the Fitzroy Shire Planning Act. The new Major Amendment to the Fitzroy Shire Planning Scheme, should it be successfully implemented by the Rockhampton Regional Council, returns to the areas of Capricorn Street, Macquarie Street, Foster Street on the southern side and Douglas Street and up to Middle Road, the zoning it had from 1972 until 2005.

The Fact Sheet (PDF) can be viewed here.


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