Hall Road / Capricorn Highway Access Upgrade

A major upgrade to Hall Road that will provide safe access and entry onto the Capricorn Highway is well underway.

Hall Road services a number of properties between the new overpass and east towards the Gracemere Saleyards (Central Queensland Livestock Exchange). The old access was situated almost on the crest of the highway and on a slight curve. Visibility was poor for traffic approaching the Hall Road entry/exit.

When completed, Hall Road will merge with the Capricorn Highway opposite the now closed Somerset Road Crossing. Major drainage works have been carried out on the northern side of the highway. With the ever increasing traffic on the Capricorn Highway linking this new section of road in the future, along as far as the CQLX from the Overpass would make great sense.

This project is valued at $1.19 million with completion expected in late October. Along with the overpass (which cost over 50 million dollars), this shows a clear commitment to the area.


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